I always find it strange when asked to write about myself. Therefore I’m going to write about myself in one word answers in hopes that either you’ll understand me or at the very least become intrigued. Boxers. Sherlock. Lucy. The Beatles. Diamonds. Jude. Animals. Love. Respect. Peace. Karma. Yoga. Dogs. Training. Walking. Sitting. Care. Compassion. Vegan. EDM. EDC. Las Vegas. Fireworks. San Diego. West Coast. Health. Issues. Psychology. Medication. Surgery. Chronic pain. Meditation. LOVE. FAITH. HOPE. Cooking. Baking. Cobbler. Blueberries. Peaches. Cookies. Peanut butter. Fresh. Sunglasses. Night life. ❤ Insomnia. Authors. Aliens. Horror. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Comics. Cats. Luna. Singer. Marla. Fight Club. Choke. Seven Psychopaths. Sam Rockwell. Chuck Palahniuk. Bobby. Supernatural. Dean. True Blood. Eric. Vikings. Germany. Family. Omar. Growth. Transformation. Evolution. Partners. Poland. California. Weed. Gardening. Sunflowers. Two-toned tulips. Tattoos. Art. Home. Organic. Earth. Earthlings. Stars. Space. Galaxy. Welcome. Namaste. ❤


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